Get top rated Spanish audio courses, completely free

Sign up for an Audible 30 day free trial and choose 2 free audiobooks, worth up to $35 each!

  • Cancel anytime
  • Keep the audiobooks forever, even if you cancel within the free period
  • Easily swap them for free if you don't like them
  • Give your Spanish listening skills a boost!

How to boost your Spanish listening skills for free

Audible is the world's largest supplier of audiobooks and they have hundreds of titles available for Spanish.

Right now they are offering a free 30 day trial which includes two free audiobooks or courses. The best part? You are free to cancel your subscription with them at any point and you still get to keep the audiobooks forever.

If you don't think two free Spanish courses (worth up to $70) is a good enough deal it gets even better.. if you don't like them you can swap them for another title!

With a risk free offer like this we highly recommend all language learners take advantage of this offer while it is available.


The offer of two free books, is only available if you sign up through Amazon, using the links below. If you sign up on Audible directly you only get one.


I've already done an Audible trial - can I still get free audiobooks?

Amazon states that to be eligible you can't have done an Audible trial in the past 12 months. So if your trial was longer than 12 months ago you should be able to sign up for another trial.

Do I get to keep the audiobook/course if I cancel my membership?

Yes! You get to keep them forever, even if you cancel during your 30 day free trial.

Can I change the audiobook if I don't like it?

Yes! You can easily exchange the audiobooks for free, anytime. This is great for language learning if the one you try is the wrong level for you, or doesn't suit your learning style.

Benefits Of Audio Courses

Audio courses and audiobooks are one of the best ways to improve your Spanish listening skills. This current free audiobook deal is a no brainer if you are learning a language!

Improve comprehension

Understanding spoken Spanish can be one of the hardest skills to pick up. Audiobooks are a great way to improve your listening skills.

Great for language immersion

Skyrocket your progress by immersing yourself in the language while you work out, commute to work, cook, or do the housework.

Listen anywhere, any time

With audiobooks and courses you can listen from your computer, phone or tablet, wherever you are, at any time.

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