The Spanish Conditional Tense

The conditional tense is used to express something that would or could happen.

To form the conditional you add an ending to the infinitive, similar to the future tense.

Conditional = infinitive + ending

All verb types (-ar, -er, -ir) have these same endings:

yo -ía
él/ella/Ud. -ía
nosotros -íamos
vosotros -íais
ellos/ellas/Uds. -ían
Example - tomar / to take
yo tomaría I would take
tomarías you would take
él tomaría he would take
nosotros tomaríamos we would take
vosotros tomarías you would take
ellos tomarían they would take
  • Correría mañana
  • I would run tomorrow
  • Llamaríamos cuando llegamos
  • We could call when we arrive
  • El alumno dijo que estudiaría una hora más
  • The student said that he would study one more hour.

Irregular Verbs

The verbs with irregular conditional forms are the same as those with irregular future forms. Here are the most important ones.

Tenerto have
Hacerto do, to make
Poderto be able
Decirto say, tell
Saberto know
Quererto want
Ponerto put