The Spanish Future Tense

There are two ways to talk about future events in Spanish, the informal future (I am going to eat) and the simple future (I will eat).

The Informal Future - Ir a ...

This form is often used to talk about the immediate future and can be translated as I am going to (do something).

To use the informal future use:
present tense of ir (to go) + a + infinitive

Ir (to go ) is irregular, the conjugations in the present are voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van.

Example - comer / to eat
voy a comer I am going to eat
vas a comer you are going to eat
va a comer he is going to eat
vamos a comer we are going to eat
vais a comer you are going to eat
van a comer they are going to eat
  • Voy a ver una pelicula
  • I am going to see a movie
  • Vamos a estudiar más tarde
  • We are going to study later

The Simple Future

The simple future can be translated as I will or I shall (do something).

The simple future is formed by adding endings to the complete infinitive (not just the verb stem as with most other tenses).

Simple future = infinitive + ending

All regular verb types (-ar, -er and -ir) use these same endings:

nosotros -emos
vosotros -éis
ellos/ellas/Uds. -án
Example - trabajar / to work
yo trabajaré I will work
trabajarás you will work
él trabajará he will work
nosotros trabajaremos we will work
vosotros trabajaréis you will work
ellos trabajarán they will work
Example - vender / to sell
yo venderé I will sell
venderás you will sell
él venderá he will sell
nosotros venderemos we will sell
vosotros venderéis you will sell
ellos venderán they will sell
Example - partir / to leave
yo partiré I will leave
partirás you will leave
él partirá he will leave
nosotros partiremos we will leave
vosotros partiréis you will leave
ellos partirán they will leave
  • correré mañana
  • I will run tomorrow
  • llamaremos cuando llegamos
  • we will call when we arrive

Irregular Verbs

The following are the most common verbs that are irregular in the future tense.

Tenerto have
Hacerto do, to make
Poderto be able
Decirto say, tell
Saberto know
Quererto want
Ponerto put