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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
1 abalanzar to balance, to dart, to impel
2 abandonar to abandon, leave behind, desert, to quit, give up
3 abanicar to fan
4 abaratar to cheapen, to abate
5 abarcar to include
6 abarquillar to bend, to warp
7 abarrotar to overstock, to bind
8 abastecer to supply
9 abatir to overthrow, to knock down, to throw down
10 abdicar to abdicate
11 aberrar to err, to be mistaken
12 abjurar to abjure, abnegate, forswear
13 ablandar to soften
14 abnegar to abnegate
15 abofetear to slap, to hit in the face
16 abogar to advocate, to intercede, to plead
17 abolir to abolish
18 abollar to dent
19 abominar to abominate
20 abonar to pay, to credit, to fertilize
21 abordar to board, get on (plane etc), to approach
22 aborrecer to detest, to hate
23 abortar to abort, to have a miscarriage
24 abrasar to burn, to set on fire
25 abrazar to hug, embrace
26 abreviar to abbreviate, to shorten
27 abrigar to keep warm, to shelter
28 abrillantar to burnish, to polish
29 abrir to open
30 abrochar to fasten, to do up
31 abrogar to abrogate
32 abrumar to overwhelm
33 absolver to acquit, to absolve
34 absorber to absorb, to soak up
35 abstener to abstain, to abstention, to abstinence
36 abstraer to abstract
37 abuchear to boo
38 abultar to bulge up, to beef up
39 abundar to abound
40 aburrir to bore, to tire
41 abusar to go too far, take advantage
42 acabar to finish, end
43 acachetear to slap
44 acaecer to happen, to occur
45 acallar to silence, to quiet
46 acampar to camp, go camping
47 acanalar to groove, to flute, to corrugate
48 acantonar to accommodate
49 acaparar to hoard, to stockpile
50 acardenalar to bruise

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