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Spanish Verbs Beginning with B

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
1 bailar to dance
2 bajar to lower, go down, descend, download
3 balancear to swing, to balance
4 balbucear to babble, to stutter, to stammer
5 balbucir to stammer, to stutter
6 balear to shoot
7 balsear to cross on a raft
8 bambolear to swing
9 bañar to bathe (someone)
10 bandear to cross , to get over
11 banquetear to feast
12 barajar to shuffle, to discuss
13 barbechar to plough
14 barnizar to varnish, to glaze
15 barrenar to drill
16 barrer to sweep
17 basar to base
18 bastar to suffice
19 batallar to battle, to fight
20 batear to bat
21 batir to beat, hammer, pound (on)
22 bautizar to baptize, christen
23 beatificar to beatify
24 beber to drink
25 becar to give a scholarship
26 bendecir to bless, foretell, forecast
27 beneficiar to benefit, to profit
28 besar to kiss
29 besuquear to kiss repeatedly
30 bifurcar to branch
31 bisecar to bisect
32 bizcar to squint
33 blanquear to bleach, to whitewash
34 blasfemar to blaspheme
35 bloquear to blockade
36 bobinar to wind
37 bochar to squash, to flunk
38 boicotear to boycott
39 bolear to knock up, to knock a ball about
40 bolsear to pick (a pocket, bag)
41 bombardear to bomb
42 bonificar to subsidize, to award a bonus/discount
43 boquear to open one's mouth
44 borbotar to seethe
45 borbotear to bubble
46 bordar to embroider
47 bordear to go around, to skirt
48 bornear to twist, bend, align
49 borrajear to scribble
50 borrar to erase, to cross out

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