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Spanish Verbs Beginning with D

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
1 damasquinar to demask
2 damnificar to be a victim (fire, flood, etc)
3 dañar to hurt, to damage
4 danzar to dance
5 dar to give
6 datar to date
7 deambular to walk
8 debatir to debate, to argue
9 deber to owe, must, should, ought to
10 debilitar to weaken, to debilitate
11 debutar to make one's debut
12 decampar to decamp
13 decantar to decant
14 decapitar to behead
15 decentar to cut into
16 decepcionar to disappoint
17 decidir to decide, settle, resolve
18 decir to say, tell
19 declamar to declaim, to recite
20 declarar to declare, state, to bid (in cards)
21 declinar to decline, to go down, to bend down
22 decolorar to bleach
23 decorar to decorate, adorn
24 decrecer to decrease
25 decretar to order, to decree
26 decuplar to multiply tenfold
27 dedicar to dedicate
28 deducir to deduce
29 defecar to defecate
30 defender to defend
31 defenestrar to throw out of the window, to defenestrate
32 definir to define
33 deflagrar to deflagrate
34 deforestar to deforest
35 deformar to deform
36 defraudar to disappoint
37 degenerar to degenerate
38 degollar to cut the throat
39 degradar to degrade
40 deificar to deify
41 dejar to leave, abandon, to let, allow
42 delatar to denounce, to accuse
43 delegar to delegate
44 deleitar to delight
45 deletrear to spell
46 deliberar to deliberate
47 delimitar to delimitate, to delimit
48 delinear to outline, to draft
49 delinquir to commit a crime
50 delirar to be delirious

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