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Spanish Verbs Beginning with H

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
1 haber to have (to do something, auxiliary verb)
2 habilitar to qualify, to equip, to activate
3 habitar to inhabit
4 habituar to accustom, to become accustomed
5 hablar to speak
6 hacer to do, make
7 halagar to flatter
8 halar to haul, to pull
9 hallar to find, to discover, to locate, to find out
10 hartar to get fed up
11 hechizar to bewicht, to cast a spell on, to captivate
12 heder to stink
13 helar to freeze
14 henchir to fill, to be filled
15 hender to cleave
16 heredar to inherit
17 herir to injure, hurt, wound, to beat, strike
18 hermosear to beautify, to embellish
19 herrar to shoe
20 hervir to boil, entertain
21 hibernar to hibernate
22 higienizar to clean, to sanitize
23 hilar to spin, to string together
24 hilvanar to baste, to tack
25 hincar to sink
26 hinchar to blow up, to inflate, to swell
27 hipnotizar to hypnotize
28 hojear to browse
29 homogeneizar to homogenize
30 homologar to standardize, to approve
31 honrar to honor, to honour
32 horadar to pierce
33 hornear to bake
34 horrorizar to horrify
35 hospedar to guest
36 hospitalizar to hospitalize
37 hostigar to harass, to bother, to beat
38 huir to flee, run away
39 humedecer to dampen
40 humillar to humiliate
41 hundir to sink, to plunge
42 hurtar to rob, to steal

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