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Spanish Verbs Beginning with I

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
1 idealizar to idealize
2 idear to comprehend, grasp
3 identificar to identify
4 idolatrar to idolize
5 ignorar to be ignorant
6 igualar to equalize, to make equal
7 ijar to flank
8 iluminar to illuminate
9 ilusionar to build up
10 ilustrar to illustrate, explain, make clear
11 imaginar to imagine
12 imantar to magnetize
13 imitar to imitate, to copy, to mimic
14 impacientar to make impatient
15 impactar to shock, to stun, to hit
16 impartir to impart
17 impedir to prevent
18 impeler to incite, stimulate
19 imperar to reign, to rule
20 implantar to implant, to introduce
21 implicar to implicate, to imply
22 implorar to implore
23 imponer to impose, enforce
24 importar to import, to be important
25 importunar to importune, bother
26 impregnar to impregnate
27 impresionar to impress, to move, to touch
28 imprimir to print, to imprint, stamp
29 improvisar to improvise
30 impugnar to arraign
31 impulsar to impel, to drive, to motivate
32 imputar to impute
33 inaugurar to open, to inaugurate, to unveil
34 incapacitar to incapacitate
35 incendiar to set on fire
36 incinerar to cremate, incinerate
37 incitar to incite, to rouse
38 inclinar to tilt, to be inclined
39 incluir to include
40 incomodar to trouble
41 incorporar to incorporate, to add
42 incrementar to increment
43 incriminar to incriminate
44 incrustar to inlay, to incrust, to set into
45 incubar to incubate
46 inculcar to inculcate, to teach
47 incurrir to incur
48 indagar to investigate
49 indemnizar to compensate
50 independizar to emancipate, to become independent

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