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Spanish Verbs Beginning with L

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
1 laborar to work
2 labrar to plough, to cultivate
3 lacear to snare, to lasso
4 lacerar to injure, violate
5 ladear to tilt
6 ladrar to bark
7 lagrimear to weep
8 lamentar to lament, regret, feel sorry about
9 lamer to lick
10 laminar to laminate, to roll
11 languidecer to languish
12 lanzar to throw, hurl, cast, fling
13 largar to let go, to let out, to beat it
14 lastimar to hurt, injure, harm, to pity
15 latir to beat, to palpitate
16 laurear to honor, to award
17 lavar to wash
18 leer to read
19 legalizar to legalize, make lawful
20 legar to bequeath
21 legislar to legislate
22 legitimar to legitimize
23 lesionar to injure
24 levantar to raise, to lift
25 levitar to levitate
26 liar to wrap up, to tie up
27 liberalizar to liberalize
28 liberar to liberate
29 librar to free, to release, to get rid of
30 licenciar to license, to permit, to allow
31 licitar to put in, to submit a tender for
32 licuar to blend (in a blender)
33 liderar to lead
34 lidiar to fight
35 ligar to tie, to join, to alloy, to bind
36 lijar to sand, to rub down
37 limar to file
38 limitar to limit
39 limpiar to clean
40 linchar to lynch
41 lindar to border
42 liquidar to settle, to liquidate, to murder
43 lisonjear to flatter
44 listar to list
45 litigar to litigate
46 llagar to cause a sore
47 llamar to call, to name
48 llegar to arrive, come, reach
49 llenar to fill, to fulfill
50 llevar to carry, bring

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