Spanish Verbs Beginning with P

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 pacificar to pacify
2 pactar to pact
3 padecer to suffer
4 pagar to pay, pay for
5 paginar to paginate
6 paladear to savor, to taste
7 palidecer to wane
8 palmar to kick the bucket
9 palmear to clap hands
10 palpar to feel (with hands), to touch
11 palpitar to palpitate, to beat, to throb
12 paragonar to compare
13 paralizar to paralyze
14 parar to stop, halt
15 parcelar to divide into plots
16 parchear to patch
17 parecer to seem, appear
18 parir to give birth, to have a baby, to bear
19 parlamentar to parley, to talk
20 parlotear to chatter (informal)
21 parpadear to blink, to flicker
22 parrandear to go out (informal)
23 participar to participate, to share in, to inform
24 particularizar to distinguish
25 partir to divide, to leave
26 pasar to pass, to spend (time), to happen
27 pasear to take a walk
28 pastar to graze
29 pasteurizar to pasteurize
30 pastorear to pasture
31 patalear to stamp one's feet
32 patear to kick
33 patentizar to display, to demonstrate
34 patinar to skate, to slide, skid
35 patrocinar to sponsor
36 patrullar to patrol, to go on patrol
37 pautar to rule, to regulate
38 pavimentar to pave
39 pecar to sin, to transgress
40 peculiar to particular
41 pedalear to pedal
42 pedir to request, ask for
43 pegar to stick, glue, hit
44 peinar to comb
45 pelar to peel
46 pelear to fight, to brawl, scruffle
47 pelechar to molt, to grow hair
48 peligrar to be in danger
49 pellizcar to pinch
50 penar to suffer, to penalize, to punish