Spanish Verbs Beginning with T

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 tabicar to wall up
2 tablear to pleat
3 tabletear to rattle
4 tabular to tabulate
5 tachar to cross out
6 tajar to chop
7 taladrar to drill
8 talar to cut down
9 tallar to sculpt, to cut, to carve
10 tamizar to sieve
11 tañer to play (music)
12 tantear to overturn
13 tapar to cover, hide
14 tapizar to uphoster, to hang tapestry
15 tardar to delay, take a long time
16 tartalear to waver
17 tartamudear to stutter, to stammer
18 tasar to appraise
19 teclear to type, to key, to play the piano
20 tejer to knit, to spin, to weave
21 telar to loom
22 telefonear to telephone
23 telegrafiar to telegraph
24 televisar to televise, telecast
25 temblar to shake
26 temblequear to dodder
27 temer to fear
28 templar to temper
29 tender to lay out
30 tener to have
31 teñir to dye
32 tentar to tempt
33 teorizar to theorize
34 tergiversar to distort, to twist
35 terminar to finish, end
36 testar to make a will, to testament
37 testificar to testify
38 timar to cheat
39 timbrar to ring
40 tintinear to chime, ring the bell
41 tinturar to dye
42 tiranizar to be a tyrant
43 tirar to throw, to shoot, to throw away, to pull
44 tiritar to shiver
45 titubear to hesitate, to stammer
46 titular to title, to entitle
47 tiznar to blacken
48 tocar to touch, to play (an instrument)
49 tolerar to tolerate
50 tomar to take, drink