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Spanish - Adjectives 1

Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine.

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English Spanish
big grande
small, little pequeño
fast rápido
slow lento
hard duro
soft suave
thick grueso
thin delgado
full completo, lleno
empty vacío
noisy ruidoso
loud fuerte
quiet tranquillo
heavy pesado
light ligero
neat ordenado
messy desordenado
good bueno
bad malo
expensive caro
cheap barato
beautiful hermoso
good looking guapo
ugly feo
easy fácil
difficult difícil
clear claro
hot caliente
cold frío
dark oscuro
dirty sucio
clean limpio
dry seco
interesting interesante
boring aburrido
long largo
short corto
narrow estrecho
wide ancho
new nuevo
old viejo
rich rico
poor pobre
strong fuerte
weak débil
stupid tonto
tall alto
young joven

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