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Spanish - Personality

Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine.

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English Spanish
ambitious ambicioso
annoying pesado
bad tempered malhumorado
brave valiente
carefree despreocupado
careless descuidado
cautious prudente
conventional convencional
cowardly cobarde
crazy loco
cruel cruel
charming encantador
cheerful alegre
boring aburrido
friendly simpático
generous generoso
hard working trabajador
honest honesto
kind amable
laid back tranquilo
lazy perezoso
loyal fiel
mean tacaño
modest modesto
moody de humor cambiante
naive ingenuo
naughty (children) malo, travieso (niños)
polite cortés
proud orgulloso
selfish egoísta
sensible sensato
sensitive sensible
shy tímido
strict estricto
stubborn terco
sympathetic comprensivo
talkative conversador
weird raro, extraño

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