Spanish Verbs Beginning with F

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
51 fortalecer to fortify, strenthen
52 fortificar to fortify
53 forzar to force
54 fosforescer to be luminous
55 fotocopiar to photocopy
56 fotograbar to photoengrave
57 fotografiar to photograph
58 fracasar to fail
59 fraccionar to break, dissipate
60 fracturar to fracture, to break up
61 fragmentar to fragment
62 franquear to put a stamp on
63 fraternizar to fraternize
64 frecuentar to frequent
65 fregar to mop
66 freír to fry
67 frenar to break, to slow down, to restrain
68 friccionar to rub
69 frotar to rub
70 fructificar to fructify
71 fruncir to wrinkle, to pucker, to knit
72 frustrar to frustrate
73 fulminar to fulminate
74 fumar to smoke
75 fumigar to fumigate
76 funcionar to function, to run
77 fundar to found, to base
78 fundir to melt
79 fungir to act (as)
80 fusilar to shoot
81 fusionar to combine, to merge