Spanish Verbs Beginning with E

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
51 embrujar to bewitch, to haunt, to cast a spell on
52 embrutecer to stultify
53 embuchar to stuff, to feed
54 embutir to stuff with
55 emerger to emerge, to surface
56 emigrar to emigrate, to migrate
57 emitir to issue, to broadcast, to emit
58 emocionar to cause emotion
59 empacar to pack
60 empachar to give an upset stomach
61 empadronar to register
62 empajar to thatch, to mix with straw
63 empalagar to be cloying, too sweet
64 empalar to impale
65 empalidecer to turn pale
66 empalmar to splice, to link
67 empapar to soak
68 empapelar to paper, to wallpaper
69 empaquetar to envelop, wrap
70 emparejar to mate
71 emparentar to become related
72 empatar to be even, to come to a draw
73 empeñar to pawn, to pledge, to persist
74 empeorar to worsen
75 empequeñecer to belittle
76 empezar to begin, start
77 emplazar to locate, to site, to summon
78 emplear to employ, hire, to use
79 empobrecer to impoverish
80 empotrar to embed
81 emprender to undertake
82 empujar to push
83 emular to emulate
84 enaltecer to praise
85 enamorar to inspire love in, win the love of
86 enarbolar to hoist
87 enardecer to inflame
88 encajar to palm off on
89 encajonar to encase
90 encantar to delight, charm, enchant
91 encarcelar to imprison, to put in jail, to incarcerate
92 encarecer to increase in price
93 encargar to put in charge of, to order
94 encarnar to embody
95 encender to burn, light, turn on
96 encentar to cut into
97 encerar to wax, to polish
98 encerrar to lock up
99 enchufar to plug in
100 enclaustrar to cloister