Spanish Verbs Beginning with E

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
151 enredar to entangle, to involve, to confuse
152 enriquecer to enrich, make rich
153 enrojecer to blush
154 enrollar to wind, to roll
155 ensamblar to assemble, to join
156 ensanchar to broaden, widen
157 ensangrentar to cover with blood
158 ensayar to try, to attempt
159 enseñar to teach, instruct, train, educate
160 ensillar to saddle
161 ensombrecer to darken
162 ensordecer to deafen
163 ensuciar to dirty
164 entender to understand
165 enterar to inform, to find out, to hear (about sth)
166 enternecer to get moved
167 enterrar to bury
168 entonar to tone, to intone
169 entornar to half open
170 entorpecer to obstruct
171 entrar to enter, go in, come in
172 entrecerrar to leave, to ajar
173 entrecruzar to thwart
174 entregar to deliver, hand over
175 entrelazar to entwine, intertwine
176 entremezclar to intermingle
177 entrenar to train
178 entretejer to interweave
179 entretener to entertain, amuse
180 entrever to glimpse, to catch sight of
181 entrevistar to interview
182 entristecer to sadden
183 entrometer to intrude, to butt in on, to crash (a party)
184 entusiasmar to excite
185 enumerar to enumerate
186 enunciar to enunciate, to express, to formulate
187 envainar to sheathe
188 envanecer to become conceited, to grow vain
189 envejecer to age, make old, grow old, get old
190 envenenar to poison
191 enviar to send
192 envolver to wrap
193 equilibrar to balance
194 equipar to furnish
195 equiparar to compare, to match, to make equal
196 equivaler to be equivalent
197 equivocar to mistake
198 erguir to raise, to lift up, to erect
199 erizar to ruffle
200 erogar to distribute