Spanish Verbs Beginning with E

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
251 estancar to stop the flow of, to block, to hold up a deal
252 estandarizar to standardize
253 estar to be (health, location, state)
254 esterilizar to sterilize
255 estigmatizar to stigmatize
256 estilizar to stylize
257 estimar to estimate, to appraise, respect
258 estimular to stimulate
259 estipular to stipulate
260 estirar to stretch, to pull up/down
261 estorbar to disturb, derange
262 estornudar to sneeze
263 estrangular to strangle
264 estratificar to stratify
265 estrechar to narrow, to tighten
266 estrellar to crash
267 estremecer to shake
268 estrenar to open
269 estreñir to constipate, to slow down, to indispose
270 estropear to damage, to spoil, to break
271 estructurar to structure
272 estudiar to study
273 evacuar to evacuate, empty
274 evadir to avoid
275 evaluar to evaluate
276 evaporar to evaporate
277 evitar to avoid, to prevent
278 evocar to evoke, to recall
279 evolucionar to evolve, to develop
280 exacerbar to exacerbate
281 exagerar to exaggerate
282 exaltar to excite
283 examinar to examine, to consider
284 exasperar to exasperate
285 excavar to excavate
286 exceder to exceed, to surpass, to overdo
287 exceptuar to except
288 excitar to excite
289 exclamar to exclaim
290 excluir to exclude, to rule out
291 excomulgar to excommunicate
292 exculpar to exonerate
293 excusar to excuse
294 execrar to execrate
295 exhalar to exhale
296 exhibir to exhibit, show, display
297 exhortar to exhort
298 exhumar to exhume
299 exigir to demand, require
300 eximir to exempt