Spanish Verbs Beginning with E

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
101 enclavar to enclave
102 encoger to shrink, to contract
103 encomendar to entrust
104 encontrar to find, encounter
105 encuestar to survey, to opinion poll
106 endechar to deplore, regret
107 endemoniar to bedevil
108 enderezar to straighten up
109 endosar to endorse
110 endulzar to sweeten
111 endurecer to harden
112 enervar to unnerve
113 enfadar to anger, irritate, annoy
114 enfangar to smudge
115 enfatizar to emphasize
116 enfermar to make ill, make sick, cause illness in
117 enflaquecer to make thin, weaken, to get thin/weak
118 enfrentar to confront, to face
119 enfriar to cool, to chill
120 enfundar to put in its case, to hoster (pistola), to cover
121 enfurecer to infuriate
122 engalanar to adorn, to dress up
123 engañar to deceive, cheat, trick
124 enganchar to hook, to hitch
125 engatusar to cajole, wheedle
126 engendrar to beget, engender
127 englobar to include, to lump together
128 engomar to rubberize
129 engordar to fatten
130 engrandecer to magnify, increase, enlarge
131 engreir to spoil, to spoil oneself, to show off
132 engrosar to thicken
133 enguatar to wad
134 engullir to devour
135 enhebrar to thread
136 enjoyar to bejewel
137 enjuagar to rinse
138 enjugar to wipe off
139 enlazar to intertwine
140 enlodar to pollute
141 enloquecer to drive crazy
142 enmascarar to hide, to disguise, to mask
143 enmendar to amend
144 enmohecer to rust
145 enmudecer to become silent
146 ennegrecer to blacken
147 ennoblecer to ennoble
148 enojar to anger, upset, annoy, to make angry
149 enorgullecer to be proud of
150 enrarecer to rarefy